#WorldNoTobaccoDay: PM’s official on polio shares lung cancer patient’s message


KARACHI: As “World No Tobacco Day” approaches — on May 31 — the prime minister’s focal person on polio shared a video message Thursday of a lung cancer patient.

In a video published on his Twitter account, Babar bin Atta, the PM’s focal person on polio, shared a message recorded “today” of 65-year-old Abdul Razzaq, who suffers from final-stage lung cancer.

“I wish people should not even touch cigarettes. I’ve been smoking since 1953,” Abdul Razzaq said. “It is now such that it is not letting me be.

“Whoever you are, child, adult, please do not touch cigarettes,” he added.

“If possible, start keeping an eye on children when they turn 13 [years old]. By the age of 25 or 26, the child will be free of this menace.

“Keep any eye on your child all the time. Be aware of what your child is doing and not doing.”

Atta, who has formerly been associated with the World Health Organization (WHO), wrote: “My request on #WorldNoTobaccoDay is to share Abdul Razzaq’s message (recorded today).

“Only a final stage Lung Cancer patient can share the plight. I request everyone & the Media to spread Razzaq sb’s voice to every corner of Pakistan.

“We must listen to him,” he added. For More Karachi News


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