PML-N had background of attacking judiciary: Nadeem Afzal Chan

Nadeem Afzal Chan
PML-N had background of attacking judiciary: Nadeem Afzal Chan

Prime minister’s Spokesman Nadeem Afzal Chan on Monday criticised the major opposition party, Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), saying that the political party has already possessed a background of attacking judiciary,

While responding to the allegations levelled by the opposition party, Nadeem Afzal Chan told media that the alleged video of the accountability court’s judge Arshad Malik was generated by PML-N as they are addicted of using cheap tactics against opponents.

Chan said that N-League should complete judicial reformations during their tenure. “The political party should remember its past before criticising verdicts of the courts,” he added.

The PM’s spokesman said that PML-N has failed to attract masses with their baseless allegations against the present government and national institutions.

“PML-N’s political show in Mandi Bahauddin has flopped as the political party failed to gather even 4,000 persons despite bringing people across Punjab.”

While commenting over the opposition’s demands of resignations, Chan replied, “Those seeking resignations should tell the nation about the number of resignations tendered in the last 40 years.”


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