PML-N asks PM to declare tax returns, assets of children, spouses


LAHORE: The PML-N has asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to declare his tax returns and the assets of his children and wife and former spouses.

PML-N secretary information Marriyum Aurangzeb said in a statement on Wednesday in the past 37 years, the owner of Bani Gala mansion with such a lavish lifestyle had only paid Rs4.7 million in taxes.

“The so-called premier who calls others thieves is actually the biggest thief himself. If Imran Khan is a regular taxpayer he should tweet his tax returns and the properties, assets and tax returns of his children and wife and former spouses. Imran’s rants about creating the same rules and laws for the poor and rich in New Pakistan where he enjoys the super exclusive status for himself exempted from all rules and laws”, she said and asked Imran Khan why he did not declare the foreign accounts and assets maintained under the name of Jamima Goldsmith and Bushra Bibi.

“Imran has not declared the assets of any single one of his children while persecuting three generations of the Sharif family over declaration of properties and assets,” she added.

Ms. Auranzeb said in 2017 Imran only paid Rs 13,763 tax. “How does this so-called premier expect others to pay taxes when he himself is a tax evader,” she asked.


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