PM Imran praises Khamenei, Erdogan for criticizing ‘massacre’ of Muslims in India


Prime Minister Imran Khan has thanked Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for condemning the “oppression and massacre” of Muslims in India and Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

“I want to thank Supreme Leader Khamenei, & President Erdogan, for speaking against the oppression & massacre of Muslims in India & Kashmiris in IOJK by the Hindu Supremacist Modi regime,” the premier wrote on his official Twitter handle on Thursday.

PM Imran was responding to the tweet of Iran’s supreme leader’s in which he urged India to “confront extremist Hindus” and “stop the massacre of Muslims”.

Dozens of people were killed and hundreds injured, while at least two mosques were attacked in the worst communal riots in Delhi in decades last week, triggered by clashes between supporters of new citizenship law and those against it.

“The hearts of Muslims all over the world are grieving over the massacre of Muslims in India,” Khamenei said in a tweet in English, just days after New Delhi rebuked Iran’s foreign minister for commenting on the same issue.

President Erdogan is one of the few Muslim leaders who has been very vocal against the Modi-led government’s extremist Hindutva policies under which it revoked the special status of Occupied Kashmir and introduced a controversial anti-Muslim law.

“India right now has become a country where massacres are widespread. What massacres? Massacres of Muslims? By who? Hindus,” Erdogan said during a speech in Ankara last month.

In a follow-up tweet, Premier Imran lamented a lack of condemnation by the majority of Muslims leaders against the discriminatory policies of the Modi government.

“Sadly, few voices from the Muslim World are speaking out & condemning this; & more voices are being raised in the West condemning the Hindu Supremacist Modi regime’s massacre of Muslims in India & Kashmiris in IOJK,” he tweeted.


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