Pictures & Videos Of Cricketer Hassan Ali Nikkah Ceremony


Pakistani cricket star Hasan Ali has gotten married today in Dubai, and the celebrations are well and truly underway, with new images released of the couple’s pre-wedding photo shoot, as well as video of Shadab Khan celebrating with his teammate.

High profile Pakistani wedding photographers Da Artist Photo has shared many photos of the bowler and bride, Samiya Khan. The snaps were taken in many locations across Dubai on Tuesday, from Ibn Battuta Mall to the Palm Jumeirah.

Earlier in the day, they shared pre-wedding photos: “we’re here [in Dubai] to cover Hasan Ali’s Nikkah,” they wrote of their role in the event.

They said many fans wanted to see Samiya, as fake photos had been circulating on the internet claiming to be of her.

“Their love spreads across nations through cricket and across the sky through aviation! What a beautiful and humble couple!” the wedding photography company wrote of the couple. It’s been widely reported that Samiya works for Emirates airline.

The wedding photographers added the hashtag #SamiyaArzoo, which translates to “Samiya my love”.

The medium-pacers friends and family, including a contingent from the Pakistan national cricket team, have been voicing their excitement about the upcoming nuptials on social media.

Teammate Shadab Khan was pictured on what looks like an Emirates Business Class flight to Dubai in a photo his friend posted on Twitter. The caption read: “Off to Dubai for yar da viah (yar da viah means “my friend’s wedding” in Punjabi).

Rumours swirled about the cricketer’s marriage earlier this year, and then he confirmed that August 20 would be the date, and the UAE would be the location.

He said he had met her a year ago during a dinner. “I spoke to my brother and sister-in-law after I met her. I told my brother that I wanted to marry her and the family had no issue.”

He added that pictures circulating of her on social media were fake, and people would not get to see her until the wedding.

It’s not clear how many Pakistani cricketers were making the trip for the wedding, though Ali has previously said that most of his teammates were busy and unable to attend the nikkah ceremony on Tuesday, when the two will officially become married. He did say that they would have the walima two or three months later in Pakistan – when more of his teammates were free. The walima is the marriage banquet, or celebration.

Ali is believed to have been granted six days leave from the team for his wedding.“She knows nothing about cricket and does not like it,” he told earlier this month. “Her first favourite cricketer is Hasan Ali.”


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