PIA terminates more employees after holding inquiries

PIA terminates more employees after holding inquiries

KARACHI: The management of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has taken action against 43 employees during the month of November on various charges of possessing fake degrees, disobedience, unauthorised disclosure of official information and others.

The human resources department of the national carrier took action against 43 employees on different charges which includes termination of services of 28 workers. The PIA HR department also released the list of the employees who have faced action after going through ‘transparent and unbiased’ inquiries.

The services of four employees were terminated for possessing fake education degrees and eight for prolonging unauthorised absence from their duties.

The services of four more employees were ended over receiving bribes from customer and contractor and two for the disclosure of official information.

For their alleged involvement in fraud, three employees were terminated, two for theft and destruction of the official record and one for smuggling.

Moreover, four employees were demoted over charges of ‘disobedience’ and refusal to carry out lawful order issued by the management and salaries of three employees were reduced to the lower pay scale for ‘insubordination’.

The PIA management issued letters of displeasure and caution to eight employees, whereas, eight workers were cleared in the inquiries against them.

Nine PIA employees have been issued appreciation letters and monetary awards were given to three employees for exhibiting good performance.

In October, PIA management had terminated the services of 74 employees on various charges including fake degrees, breach of rules, taking bribe and smuggling.

According to a notification issued by the national flag carrier, the 74 employees had been sacked after charges levelled against them were found true during the investigations.


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