PIA aircraft reported engine troubles before taking off from Lahore


KARACHI: The unfortunate PIA airplane that crashed earlier on Friday is believed to have been facing multiple technical issues, sources privy to the information revealed, ARY News reported.

Sources have claimed that the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) engineering department had notified authorities multiple times of the defects and glaring faults with little to no effect.

It has also been claimed that the airplane engine also faced technical faults before taking off today from Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport for Karachi.

Sources have revealed that the airplanes faulty landing gear will be focused in the investigations, The landing gear is said to have glitched during the unfortunate landing.

PIA sources have maintained that if an aircraft’s landing gear becomes dysfunctional then it is not connected to engine failure.

Preliminary information from sources has maintained that the aircraft’s two engines and its landing gear all failed simultaneously resulting in the aircrash.


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