Petrol supplies at Karachi fuel stations as per routine


KARACHI: No shortage of petrol supplies in Karachi, as people were seen getting the supplies from the city’s various fuel stations on Thursday morning, easily.

People rushed to various petrol pumps in Karachi, after the rumours of petroleum supplies’ suspension amid the closure of Kemari oil terminal on Wednesday night.

The masses were seen getting petroleum products easily from the various fuel stations of the city.

Long queues of cars and motorcycles including public transport vehicles were seen outside the petrol pumps in many areas, whereas, some filling stations were reportedly providing petrol in limited quantity to the motorcyclists and cars up to 2-3 litres and 5-10 litres respectively.

The persistent threat of toxic gas in the areas near the Kemari port of Karachi had forced companies, institutes and individuals to take precautionary measures. It emerged earlier that an oil terminal of state-owned PSO located in Zulfiqarabad was functional for petrol supplies to the metropolis.

After the rumours of petroleum products shortage in Karachi, the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) in a statement claimed that they have closed down one of their oil terminals across the city out of a total of 23. It added that the closure should not affect fuel supply as 22 oil terminals are still functional.


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