Peoples React on Romantic Scenes of Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir of Upcoming Drama “Yeh Dil Mera”


Pakistani celebrity Sajal Ali posted a preview of her forthcoming Hum TV drama branded Yeh Dil Mera. If we are being truthful, the trailer has had us scratching our heads. Sajal Ali plays. Her interviewer, that seems to be the CEO, inquires queries and begins flirting with her.

This conversation comes around as an instance of sexual harassment at the office at which the worker is revealed to see this behaviour. Sajal Ali’s personality is demonstrated to be grinning proceeding this experience with music the spectacle. The scene’s nuance instils a sense in regards to settling with a well-established man instead of displaying women as beings that can be enthused about working seriously for a 44, of showing girls.

This story is conducive to a patriarchal society which determines the achievement of a woman through functions of marriage and childbearing and restricting her skills throughout domesticity. The viewer’s curiosity was sparked by the start of the trailer but not in how in which the drama manufacturers had expected. A lot of individuals have taken to call the glorification of this harassment in the play.

Because this is a preview other consumers are currently requesting people after viewing the sequential to base their own decision.


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