Passenger dies mid-flight after feeling sick


NEW DELHI: In an unfortunate incident that occurred on Thursday, a man passed away while flying from Ahmedabad to Kolkata.

The pilot of a private Indian airliner had to force the plane to make an emergency landing to deal with the situation at hand. The aircraft made an emergency landing in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore city after a passenger fell sick, officials said, adding that he later died.

“On 26.12.2019 about 00:15hrs, a flight bound for Ahmedabad from Kolkata required emergency landing due to medical emergency. At about 00:31hrs, the flight landed,” an official statement said.

The flight landed in Indore after which the airport manager along with the ambulance of the Airport Authority of India (AAI) and on-duty doctors immediately attended to the passenger named Jayvijay Vaghu who was then referred to Banthia Hospital for treatment.

“At Banthia Hospital the pax was further referred to government hospital Indore for treatment where the said the passenger was declared dead due to cardiac arrest,” the statement read.

The flight departed to its final destination at 2 am.


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