Parents demand formation of JIT to probe Usman’s death in school’s pool

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(Karach News): The parents of Usman Ahmed Durrani a pupil of Habib public school who died in mysterious circumstances a week have voiced dissatisfaction over the pace of this analysis being conducted by the Sindh authorities. they’ve demanded from the police to create a joint investigation team jit to completely probe the 6th graders passing. not even the statements of the school administration and the principal have been recorded by the police explained Zeeshan Durrani dad of the pupil while addressing a press conference at the Karachi press club on Monday.

He said he along with his loved ones had received death threats. the government should provide us security he explained.members of provincial assembly Khurram Sher zaman Bilal Ahmed Ghaffar and attorney Akhtar Hussain Jabbar also attended the press conference.

Durrani added that although the directions of the minister police analysis group used delaying tactics in the process of interrogation. he said the question of this committee made from the cm discovered negligence on the part of the faculty administration which led in this episode. but we lost him. the school has sent our kid under the soil instead of making him able to be a star student explained Durrani including the irony is we can do nothing against the most influential owners of the school. we are helpless and have no access to the high-ups.

He declared this schools direction removed evidence and wasn’t cooperating with the analysis group. the college main misstated the schedule of Usman’s swimming course in her report submitted to the secretary of the Sindh school education department.

He said that when the sp analysis requested the principal regarding the CCTV footage of the incident she stated that there wasn’t any CCTV camera. when Zeeshan visited the faculty after the incident they discovered that CCTV cameras were also installed. they had taken photographs of these CCTV cameras.durrani said that his son Usman had been enrolled in courses and hed attended around six courses and he was left unattended at the swimming that was 12 feet deep.

He appealed to the minister the chief justice of Pakistan the Sindh governor and the ministry the responsible persons must be brought to justice in order that pupils could be spared and to take addition, he needed the IGP and the dig to substitute the analysis team using a fair and suitable investigation group. he pledged he would fight until the offenders were attracted by him I will fight for my son and for those who have lost their sons at schools.

After the press conference finished Akhtar Hussain Jabbar attorney of their family alleged that this episode occurred. therefore this schools direction tried to eliminate evidence of this episode. however I am dealing with the matter like it is my personal case. I will help Usman’s parents in getting justice.

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