Pakistani Tyrion Lannister Dream Comes True


Becoming an overnight sensation for his uncanny resemblance to American actor Peter Dinklage who plays the famous Tyrion Lannister on famed show Game of Thrones, Pakistan’s Rozi Khan has become all the rage these days as his first TV advert made its way to the internet.

Sharing his dream of starring in films, Rozi Khan in one of his earlier interviews, had said, “My wish is to work in movies.

“The 26-year-old has made a smashing debut in an ad for food delivery service ‘Cheetay’ which is of course replete with ‘Game of Thrones’ references.

The advert showcases Khan surrounded with fans asking for a selfie, an autograph or just simply about what happens in the next episode of GoT, mistaking him for Tyrion.


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