Pakistani TikToker Adil Rajput’s wife fakes his death for followers

Pakistani TikToker

The wife of a popular Pakistani TikToker artist, Adil Rajput, faked her husband’s death to get more followers on Tuesday. 

Rajupt shared a video from Rajput’s TikTok account in which she can be seen weeping while announcing that her husband is no more. 

“Pakistani TikToker Adil is no longer with us,” she said in between tears. She said she got a call and was told Adil had passed away in a road accident.

Adil Rajput is one of Pakistan’s most popular TikTokers. He has over 2.5 million followers. He is from Rahim Yar Khan. 

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As the video went viral, an announcement of Rajput’s “death” was made by a mosque in his neighbourhood. Fans then started gathering outside the couple’s house, but it turned out Rajput was actually alive and well.

His fans were enraged. They have asked the local authorities to initiate an inquiry against the couple for playing with the sentiments of the public.


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