Pakistani cab drivers in Spain provide free services to medical staff amid coronavirus panic


As a gesture of altruism during the global pandemic, Pakistani drivers in Barcelona are providing their services free of charge to medical staff and nurses fighting the coronavirus on the frontlines.

In a tweet shared by actor Nadia Jamil, an international publication has reported how Pakistani drivers wait for medical staff outside hospitals to facilitate their commutes.

In the video shared, a Pakistani cab driver is shown facilitating medical staff. The cabbie later introduces himself and describes the sentiment behind the free-of-charge services.

“My name is Syed Sheraz and I am from Pakistan. There are hundreds of Pakistani drivers, along with me, providing social services in Barcelona during this time. Whenever a calamity strikes, we are always ready to provide our services to the host country.

“In 2017, there was a terrorist incident, even at that time Pakistanis provided residents social services, by giving them free rides,” he said.

He said that as Spain became the third hardest-hit country by the COVID-19, Pakistani drivers working there decided to give free of cost service to medical staff.

In the video, a Spanish doctor also introduces himself and expresses gratitude towards the Pakistani cab drivers providing their services at this time. “Hopefully, we will come out of this crisis together,” he said.

Pakistani drivers also partake in the country’s tradition of giving ovation every evening to the country’s medical staff.

As of Friday, Spain has reported more than 4,000 deaths out of 56,188 cases. The most deaths were reported in Italy, with 8,165 deaths out of 80,539 declared infections.

More than 27,000 deaths have been recorded globally, more than 15,000 in Europe, since the virus first emerged in December.

On Friday, Spain said its rate of new infections appeared to be slowing — but it also reported a higher number of deaths.


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