Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan Visiting Iran to Defuse Tension in The Region


Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has arrived in Iran in a bid to defuse tension. Imran has taken up the job to mediate between Saudi Arabia and Iran because he visited Saudi Arabia on September 20. Imran is scheduled to pay a visit to Riyadh in days, but the dates are yet to be finalised, said a Pakistani official.

Tensions have been brewing between Tehran and Riyadh because the September 14 drone strikes on a Saudi oil centre along with a processing plant, that was blamed Iran by both Saudi Arabia and the United States. Pakistan and other nations are attempting to mediate between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Imran himself confessed the mediation attempts when he visited New York to attend the UN General Assembly session.

Imran had stated that US President Donald Trump also requested him to help defuse tensions with Iran. On the sidelines of the UNGA session, Imran had met Iranian President Hassan Rouhani within their drive to defuse the Middle East worries. To follow up the talks, Pakistan Prime Minister has arrived in Tehran on Sunday. He had been obtained by Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif upon birth.

The Pakistan Foreign Office said in a statement on Saturday that Prime Minister Imran was projected the trip to Tehran” as a part of his initiative to encourage peace and security in the area. Imran is scheduled to meet with Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Addition to President Hassan Rouhani and will talk about issues pertaining to peace and security in the Gulf.

He’ll also touch upon issues along with other developments such as those in Indian Administered Kashmir. That is Imran’s second trip to Iran this past year. In April, he undertook a two-day official excursion on President Rouhani’s invitation. Imran was planning to pay a visit with to Saudi Arabia shortly after Iran’s trip but there have been a few changes in his journey plan Russian President Vladimir Putin is currently coming in Riyadh on Monday. Thus, Pakistan Prime Minister will visit Saudi Arabia next week.


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