Pakistan lifts ban on import of life-saving drugs from India


The Pakistan authorities on Tuesday let the import of medication from India regardless of the escalation of tensions with the nation and closing of trade and stations since august 5.the choice was taken in view of a serious shortage of medicines such as those used in therapy of heart as well as cancer ailments anti-rabies and antivenin medications those used at hepatitis and liver-related ailments for therapy.

There is a lack of material that’s imported from India for medications in Pakistan. the ministry has introduced the SRO after acceptance of the government. pharmacists physicians and petitioners have hailed the decision of the government. last month Pakistan suspended its trade connections with India at retaliation against new Delhi’s decision to reverse article 370 and 35-a of this constitution depriving Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir of its status.

The transaction ban on Indian goods hit on the local market especially the pharmaceutical marketplace that imported $36 million dh132.2 million value of anti-rabies and antivenin vaccines from India within the previous 16 weeks goods.

Pakistani companies export over 50 percent of the raw material from India and China to make medications.based on Khwaja Shahzeb Akram president of the pharmaceutical committee in the federation of Pakistan chambers and commerce industries a significant chunk of the raw material used in locally produced medicines is erased from India because the nation has a large globally recognised sector of raw materials such as drugs.

Likewise, MNCs ciprofloxacin is readily available for Pakistan rs520 whereas the Indian version costs Pakistan rs21. a senior physician at Pakistan institute of medical sciences PIMS Islamabad Dr Waseem Khawaja told gulf news that quite a few Indian-imported things were being used in health centres of the twin towns.

An official in PIMS pharmacy who didn’t need to be named said the hospital ran from antivenin medication and anti-rabies and consent to permit drugs import will help patients. cancer patients were stated by a physician in the department at the phase mostly depended on medications which are used for therapy and nearly 90 per cent of them are Indian-made and reasonably priced. throughout the previous few months we faced problems due to the lack of medication and in the next few days we will be needing them as prohibit on drugs is raised said the physician.


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