Pakistan Digital Health Day Celebrated

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Karachi: Novartis pharmaceutical in cooperation with Pakistan digital health initiative PDHI and national incubation centre nic coordinated Pakistan digital health day here in Karachi in NIC.

The event was arranged to leverage initiatives which may extend peoples lives and modify the medical ecosystem of pakistan.the event included of talks by speakers and panel discussions with characters belonging to both electronic health care and pharmaceutical wallpapers.

The highlight of this occasion obtained a chance to talk about their company vision and was demonstrations by health established. amount of country startups were identified that are currently partnering and incorporating value towards the potential of Pakistan’s digital health individual and care sections.

In his notice, Sufyan Usmani head of commercial communication Novartis shared that the aims of the initiatives and also the cooperation with health. in addition he emphasized the participation of Novartis among the best health care organizations in Pakistan. Dr Imran Rasheed CEO Novartis while discussing his perspectives said digitalization is the future of Novartis and in that journey, we believe that we cannot do everything alone.

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