Over 3,200 suicide cases reported in the last five years in Faisalabad.


More than 3,200 people have reportedly died by suicide in the last five years in Faisalabad, a rescue official reported on Tuesday. Of these, 1,827 were men and 1,400 women.

Sultan Ahmed, an official of Rescue 1122 in Faisalabad, said that the main reasons behind the suicides were domestic problems, fights between couples and poverty.

“We are the first responders,” Ahmed said. “When we reach there…we seek information from bystanders, people say domestic disputes, fights, and poverty are reasons behind suicide attempts.”

Doctors say that frustration and disappointment are among the reasons behind the growing suicide rates in the city.

“This is the second most common cause of death among the youth aged between 17 years and 29 years,” Dr. Imtiaz, a psychiatrist, stated.


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