Oil tanker overturns near Kandhkot


KANDHKOT: An oil tanker carrying 60,000 liters of diesel, overturned at the National Highway near Ghala Mandi Road, Kandhkot on Friday.

Following the incident, a road track was closed due to the spill of furnace oil at the site while the rescue teams have reached the spot, said the local police.

The cause of the incident is said to dilapidated the condition of the road.

On April 10, last year, an oil tanker carrying thousands of liters of fuel exploded and caught fire after overturning on Gulbai Flyover in the Shershah area.

Television footage showed thick plumes of smoke rising from the vehicle after it was engulfed by a huge fire.

The fire also spread to the nearby vehicles and godown. The blaze was caused by the oil spill from the tanker which later burst into pieces.

Upon being informed of the incident, a number of fire tenders reached the spot and launched an operation to douse the blaze. The fire was brought under control after hours of effort.

In June 2017, at least 140 people were killed and more than 100 others injured when an oil tanker had caught fire after overturning on National Highway near Ahmedpur Sharqi (East) in Bahawalpur.


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