Normal life remains paralyzed on 86th straight day of curfew in IoK


According to the Kashmir Media Service, prohibit proceeds on cellular phones that are prepaid. Voice calls onto relations are allowed and telephones are currently working to a certain extent. Included in a quiet protest against Indian occupation and August 5 prohibited activities, stores and other business institutions continue to stay fully closed, now, as against regular two-hour fracture, in light of the EU parliament members’ trip, pupils stay far from educational institutions and workplaces are seeing low presence.

Nevertheless, transportation is off the streets though vehicles are plying. The dead person is the truck driver to be murdered during the month at the land. Questioning Indian govt’s move to allow an EU delegation to see IoK, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi stated MPs out of Europe are invited to go to an excursion to the land while Indian MPs denied and are prohibited entrance. He added there’s something wrong with this.

Still another Cong pioneer Jairam Ramesh explained that the movement has been an insult to India’s Parliament as well as democracy. Within an embarrassment to the authorities, the ruling BJP’s MP Subramanian Swamy slammed the decision to permit the EU delegation to see Kashmir. The movement was explained by him as a perversion of the policy of the country and demanded its own cancellation. Almost 30 EU MPs, drawn from celebrations, are likely to see with IoK.

Reports state that although the Indian government backs the trip, the EU parliament and its own hierarchy hasn’t yet been involved, increasing some doubts that are. The reports included that EU embassies in New Delhi were oblivious of this trip. A Turkish lawmaker, Ali Sahin, addressing an occasion in Ankara to indicate Kashmir Black Day has indicated a Muslim mechanism to the settlement of the Kashmir dispute. He said it isn’t sufficient to provide messages to one another or to feel pain, people must create awareness on what is going on in Kashmir.


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