No Time to Die trailer is released


Prior to No Time to Die, a great deal of misinformation had spread because Daniel Craig, who plays the role of James Bond, had alluded to slitting his wrists rather than doing another Bond film at the premiere of Spectre. But contractually, he was signed on for five films and Spectre, the first film without M – essayed by Dame Judi Dench, who dies in Skyfall, which came before Spectre – didn’t do as well as its predecessors. And so alongside Daniel Craig, the hip and happening actor who is on the rise and won an Academy Award recently for his performance in Bohemian Rhapsody – Rami Malek – was roped in as the villain and the director was changed as well – with Sam Mendes out and Cary Joji Fukunaga in.

The result is a spectacular affair.

No Time To Die trailer takes some of the Spectre story and moves it forward. What happens when James Bond, who gives up everything for a woman, is caught up in her secret? Because as Bond notes, everyone has secrets. It also means a bizarre reunion with his former brother who was the lead villain in Spectre, and an even stranger entry of Rami Malek that you don’t see coming. The visuals are, as always, quite spectacular. If this film ends the story of Daniel Craig as James Bond, and it looks like it will, all bets are off. Everything we’ve come to expect from a James Bond film since Daniel Craig took over in Casino Royale is happening here and a little bit more as a strong focus on technology is also at play. The Aston Martin is also present as is Bond in those Tom Ford suits. All the cast members from past films are back except Judi Dench and it looks like a last hurrah for Daniel Craig. Set to release in April 2020, the film has the Internet buzzing and looks a lot better than the mess that was Spectre. This one will be a fun ride.


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