No talks with India until IOK situation changes: PM


(Islamabad News): Prime Minister Imran Khan said Monday talks with India were from the question in the situation in IOK because India revoked its status in August. The minister stated this at a meeting with United States Senators Chris Van Hollen and Maggi Hassan, who met to discuss their own observations with the minister in their trip to Azad Kashmir.

The premier said that there would be no discussions with India. He explained Indian PM Narendra Modi has twisted the face of India including that he’s not sure himself of the face of India. Imran Khan said that he had been the largest supporter of all Pakistan-India talksnonetheless, it’s hopeless until the situation has been transformed for the Kashmir.

The premier also resisted the US senators for collaboration on the dilemma of Kashmir. US Senator Chris Van Hollen was that this week denied entry into IOK in a visit to India, in accordance with global media reports. Hollen a part of several US senators that have voiced serious concern over the alarming human rights situation in IOK, that was under a military curfew since August 5.US Congress members Tahir Javed and US bill had affairs Paul Jones were part of this delegation.

The trip provided a chance to exchange views on strengthening Pakistan-US relations as well as the Afghan peace and reconciliation procedure. Reiterating Pakistan’s continued dedication to the facilitation of a political solution in Afghanistan, the minister underlined the value of resumption of their US-Taliban peace discussions. Throughout the interview, issues of mutual interest and total regional security scenarios such as the Afghan reconciliation procedure and Kashmir issue have been discussed, an Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) press release stated.

Dignitaries confessed Pakistan’s efforts for harmony and peace. The COAS appreciated the US comprehension and service on the Demand for resolving Kashmir and also for Pakistan’s efforts in Afghanistan. Both sides are concerned about the value of the bilateral relations between the US and Pakistan in and outside.


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