No coronavirus case reported in Pakistan, says Zafar Mirza


ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on National Health Dr. Zafar Mirza has said not a single case of coronavirus diagnosed in Pakistan.

He was expressing his views in a high-level meeting to discuss arrangements made in the wake of coronavirus, that has claimed the lives of more than 1,000 persons in China.

The meeting was also attended by the federal health secretary, Executive Director NIH, Aamir Ikram, director general health, representatives of the Pakistan Army and other experts.

The meeting briefly discussed the preventive measures taken by Pakistan with regard to the coronavirus epidemic. Dr. Zafar Mirza said all samples sent to NIH were negative and no case of the deadly virus reported in Pakistan.

He said the passengers are being thoroughly screened at the various airports of the country and we are ready to face any emergency situation.

The death toll in China from the new coronavirus epidemic jumped on Wednesday, as the chief of the World Health Organisation (WHO) urged countries to work together against the “grave threat” posed by the outbreak.


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