Newly elevated federal says call on PM Imran


ISLAMABAD:  Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday met federal secretaries, who were recently promoted, and said their promotions were made keeping in view their performances and merit.

“Hopefully, the officers will serve the country at their best,” the premier said.

He said the country was passing through a testing time and bureaucracy has to play an important role in the progress and prosperity of the country.

“Our country is lagging behind from other countries in the region,” he said adding various reasons have added to that situation.

The political leadership and bureaucracy have to decide the future course of the country and a new approach and better governance was need of the hour, Khan said.

The premier said the country has been blessed with a lot of natural and human resources and the bureaucrats should perform their duties to ensure they are utilized in the best possible way.

Imran Khan further said the investors are showing their interest in all sectors of the economy and it was due to the efforts of the incumbent government that a turnaround of economic situation is witnessed.

“The investors and business community have shown faith in the policies of the incumbent government,” he said. “The international organizations have also acknowledged the improvement in the economic situation  of the country.”


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