Need Ramzan-cricket style hockey tournaments to find new talent, says Samiullah


KARACHI: Former captain of the Pakistan hockey team Samiullah has suggested a Ramzan-cricket style hockey tournaments to find new talent in the long-lost national sport of the country.

The Olympian said there are people willing to invest in hockey. “It is time for Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) to bring them together and organise something,” Samiullah said.

“These Ramzan tournaments are always exciting and gives players a good platform to express themselves. Players get proper competitive environment here and tournaments are broadcasted on TV screens which is a good sign,” Sami said while suggesting that PHF should also initiate something on similar lines.

He further added, “There are people who are willing to invest in hockey. You can have six a side or seven a side tournaments after Iftar, four-five games per day. It will not only help players practice but will also help PHF earn sponsorship and find new talent.”

The hockey legend nicknamed as the “flying horse” added that Pakistan hockey needs sincere and non-controversial people who can take the game forward.

“These politics are hurting hockey. We are now heading towards Olympic qualification and we need non-controversial people in PHF who are sincere to hockey. Even if we can finish among the top eight, it will be a great result for us,” he said.

Sami also wished good luck to the Pakistan cricket team for the World Cup.

“England has always been great for Pakistan. Local Pakistanis always boost and support our players. Pakistan is among favourite teams for the World Cup and I wish them good luck,” he added. For More News Pakistan News


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