Naval Day being observed today to pay homage to 1965 War heroes

1965 War
Naval Day being observed today to pay homage to 1965 War heroes

Pakistan Navy is observing Naval Day today to pay tribute to the martyrs and ghazis of 1956 war.

In this connection, the Pakistan Navy has released a promo of its documentary.

According to Pakistan Navy Spokesperson, a documentary titled Zarb-e-Aab, will be released today.

On the night of 7 September, the Pakistan Navy launched its assault on Western Indian shores. Dwarka was chosen for its proximity 200 km (120 mi) from Karachi Port).

The plan called for a fleet of 7 naval vessels of Pakistan to bomb the town of Dwarka. It was aimed at luring the heavy ships anchored in Bombay into attacking the Pakistani ships to enable the submarine PNS Ghazi lurking in the Arabian Sea to engage and sink the Indian ships.

Accordingly, a fleet of seven ships comprising PNS Babur, PNS Khaibar, PNS Badr, PNS Jahangir, PNS Alamgir, PNS Shah Jahan and PNS Tippu Sultan set sail for Dwarka and bombarded the town.

Pakistan Navy in its successful assault destroyed several installations including radar, railway station, cement factory of Associated Cement Company. Smoke from the damage was visible to the Pakistani warships.


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