Nadia Jamil wants people stop assuming things about her


Nadia Jamil wants people to stay out of her business and is done with people assuming that she is not a good Muslim because she is bald and loves dogs. She took to social media to clarify things.

“I am a strong, happily bald, Muslim woman, who loves dogs,” said Jamil.

“So those who assume I don’t pray because I love dogs, or I don’t read my Quran, of course, I do, but… It’s none of your business.”

“My relationship with Allah is mine. If I am to burn in hell then what goes of your Chachoo na,” she shared with fans.

She said that dogs are one of the most wonderful loyal creatures Allah has made.”I pity those who cannot appreciate their unconditional loyalty and love. But different strokes for different folks na,” she added.

Jamil said that one of the most wonderful things social media invented was the block button.

After Jamil was diagnosed with cancer she has been very active on social media and regularly updates fans about her health.

Earlier, she took to social media after she shaved her head post-chemotherapy and prayed to be stronger for her kids and end her relationship with loneliness.

She shared that her hair had been falling in big clumps despite the ice cap. “The centre had practically gone. I was left with the front & a little on the sides. It was petrifying,” said Jamil.

In another post, Jamil said that she likes her new self. “I like the new me… Surviving the pain is such a victory … Every day is a victory …I know tomorrow will be awful with nausea and fatigue…but then there will be another victory,” said she. “Sometimes something small like finishing a meal or having water is a victory.”

In May, she had her first chemotherapy session. Back in April, the actor told fans that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is currently in the UK for treatment.

Taking to Instagram, Jamil said that she was gathering strength. “There has been devastating sadness and incredible love accompanying me since my diagnosis. Every day I face my weaknesses and my strengths. Every day I learn to embrace that gratitude that defined me for so long,” she said.


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