NAB to interrogate Shehbaz Sharif in LWMC scam today


(Lahore News): A joint investigation team (CIT) of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Lahore now will interrogate Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President and Opposition Leader in the National Assembly (NA) Shahbaz Sharif in his residence at the Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) scam and earnings beyond signifies investigation.

A team comprising of Additional Director Muhammad Aftab, Additional Director Muhammad Arshad and Deputy Director Khurram Shehzad will hand over a questionnaire to Sharif for interrogation from the corruption cases against him according to sources Sharif was advised by the liability watchdog the team will see him.

Sharif was bypassing NAB hearings on health reasons that were bad. The questionnaire includes questions regarding the LWMC, for example why he’d accepted a summary for ministry of this waste management firm from the recommendations of law and finance ministries?”Why had he decided to constitute the company?

Why IS Tech Company had been given contract without completing the auction process and legal formalities?”Who had authorised outsourcing the contract to the IS Tech Company for $320 million?”Why was it decided to lend massive amounts and financial assistance to the company without a comprehensive plan?”Why LWMC’s plan to repay its debt and generate capital was rejected?”

The liability watchdog noted that these activities caused a reduction of billions of rupees. The agency has identified the path of trades into the bank account of Sharif, also has hunted him to create resources of these figures.


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