NAB Court Confiscates Properties Of Absconding Suleman Shehbaz

Suleman Shehbaz
NAB Court Confiscates Properties Of Absconding Suleman Shehbaz

LAHORE (9 News) – An accountability court in Lahore has confiscated the properties of Opposition Leader in National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif’s son absconding Suleman Shehbaz in money laundering case.

Accountability court judge Ameer Muhammad heard the case of money laundering on the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) petition against Shehbaz Sharif family.

The court ordered to confiscate the properties of absconding Suleman Shehbaz and directed to inform all relevant departments regarding the decision and to submit its report.

During the hearing, the police also appraised the court that Salman Shehbaz did not appear before court despite repeated summons.

Earlier, an accountability court ordered to confiscate the properties of Suleman Shehbaz, the son of former chief minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif, in connection with money laundering case against the Sharifs.

The development came as the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) approached the court to confiscate Suleman Shehbaz’s properties.

Judge Malik Amir Mohammad Khan heard the case and approved the NAB’s request to confiscate properties of Shehbaz Sharif’s son.

The court, in its proceedings, also declared Suleman Shehbaz an absconder and ordered publishing advertisements in this regard against the suspect.

The court ordered the investigation officer to submit report of assets’ confiscation in a month.

NAB had alleged that the former chief minister of Punjab Shehbaz Sharif and his sons Hamza and Suleman, who are in London these days with their families, have been involved in money laundering of Rs85 billion.

Details about Suleman Shehbaz’s properties and fake foreign money transactions available with 92 News show that his possessed assets worth Rs20,000 in 2003 that increased to Rs2.60 billion in 2017 as a result of fake money transactions.


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