‘More Than 12,000 Schools In Sindh Have No Teachers’


In a cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah, it was revealed that 12,000 of the schools in Sindh do not even have teachers. The meeting of the provincial cabinet went on for 8 hours and was attended by provincial ministers, chief sectaries, and advisors.

The situation of Sindh’s education sector and the future roadmap was discussed during the meeting. Education Minister of Sindh Sardar Ali Shah addressed the meeting saying according to a survey, the province has about 49,103 schools and among them, 37,795 lack even the basic infrastructure and necessities.

He further told that among them 12,136 schools have students but no teachers while 11,441 schools have teachers and building have no students. The education minister further told that 7,611 schools are shelterless (without walls or a roof). 71 of these shelterless schools have more than 100 students registered in them.

CM Murad Ali Shah ordered to admit 40,000 such children to nearest government schools but it could not be implemented.

Schools with only one teacher:

The provincial minister for education further briefed the meeting that at that very moment, Sindh has 18,660 schools with only one teacher. 10,516 schools among these comprise of only one room while 18,507 consist of two rooms. This indicates that these schools lack facilities in libraries, computer laboratories, science labs, and playgrounds. Proposing a solution to the education emergency, Sardar Ali Shah said that special focus needs to be given to the training of teachers and the curriculum. He added that 90% of the teachers can teach arts subjects while only 10% are capable of teaching science, hence the new staff must be proficient in science. 

The meeting concluded saying two model schools will be established in each district while special attention will be given to exam reforms. For more latest news Pakistan, visit 9newshd.tv


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