Mohsin Abbas Haider’s wife Fatima Sohail wants investigation officer changed


Fatima Sohail the wife of celebrity Mohsin abbas Haider has led into the inspector general police Punjab to alter the research officer. last month Fatima Sohail alleged that she had been abused by her husband Mohsin abbas Haider plus that he had been using an event.

Fatima Sohail explained the greatest lie told by Mohsin Abbas Haider is nothing can be shown in court. he was found guilty of abusing and making threats she explained.further the Fatima Sohail alleged the authorities provided relief rather than arresting Mohsin Abbas Haider.

This clearly shows the involvement of the police. I would request IG Punjab to transfer the investigation to an honest person.mohsin abbas Haider was granted bail from the case with means of a sessions court at Lahore. talking to press a month the celebrity hoped to finish this battle of truth and lies and the problem has been a family matter.


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