Mental health is a pressing issue: Affan Waheed opens up about divorce and struggles with depression


Affan Waheed, a Pakistani actor, model, and RJ is quite known for his versatile roles in various dramas like KhamoshiBeydardi, etc. His current drama Do Bol has been soaring high in the air and has also helped the actor acquire newly acclaimed fame. The third of four siblings, Affan was born in Karachi where he stayed for a mere two years until his father, from the Air Force, got posted.

On divorce, dealing with depression and more

“I would lock myself in the room and howl. I was so depressed that I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I started losing hair. I didn’t work for 8-9 months,” told Affan.

Opening up about depression, he said that it was his friends and family who stood up with him in times of need and that his divorce has made him more humble and sensitive, a trait that has helped him to enhance as an actor.

When asked about falling in love again, Affan said that he is now afraid to tread the same path again and has his guards up, but if love knocks at his door, he will give in and embrace it. He also revealed that he is “running” from everything in life, perhaps in search of something or perhaps something is searching for him. He said he has no idea where he would end up but is keen on reaching his destination.

Amidst the interview, he stressed the importance of talking to people and visiting a doctor for help whilst in depression. He also said that mental health is a real and pressing issue and should be confronted irrespective of the taboo surrounding it. For More News Pakistan News


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