Mehwish Hayat shares a happy update about airport washrooms being cleaned up


It’s been a month since Mehwish Hayat shared her “misfortune of using the lady’s room at Karachi airport.”

“Disgusting! Dirty and stinking,” Hayat had shared in a Tweet. “Even saw cockroaches. Not only is it unhygienic but is this the first impression we want to give to people arriving here?”

“These are the most basic amenities — let’s clean up our act.”

It looks like her concerns have been heard as the action has been taken to fix up the restrooms at the airport and Hayat made sure to keep us in the loop.

Sharing pictures of the construction being carried out, Hayat tweeted, “So gratifying to pass through Karachi Airport today and see this work being carried out on the gents and ladies’ rooms.”

She added, “Airports are the first impression that visitors have of our country and it should be a good one. Thank you to the authorities who listened to my request and took action.”

Mehwish Hayat’s previous tweet had led to many opening up about their own experiences at the airport and it’s good to know that raising one’s voice on social media can lead to change.


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