Mehwish Hayat adores her handsome other self ‘Musaddiq Hayat’

Snapchat’s gender-flip filter

Snapchat’s gender-flip filter is the new favourite filter of the people.

The filter changes the gender of the user – a woman turns into a man while a man turns into a woman.

This filter has been making waves and people are widely using it.

Our famous celebrity Mehwish Hayat also used the filter and amazed everyone with her handsome other self.

Mehwish made the video on a song from her superhit movie Load Wedding ‘Munday Lahore de’.

Sharing the video on Twitter, Mehwish asked Fahad Mustafa to take the back seat as her male version ‘Musaddiq Hayat’ can take over.

We absolutely love this male version of Mehwish Hayat. For More News Pakistan News


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