Meesha Shafi’s lawyer slams ‘episode of male tears’, rallies support for ‘survivors’

Nighat Dad speaks
Nighat Dad speaks

Singer Meesha Shafi’s lawyer Nighat Dad late Sunday night criticised the latest “episode of male tears”, drawing similarities to notorious alleged sexual abusers such R. Kelly and Brett Kavanaugh, the then-nominee for the post of the associate justice of the US Supreme Court.

Dad stressed on the prevalent difference of perception about men and women showing emotion in public, saying the society would call women victims and survivors “‘hysterical’ or ‘unstable’ or using ‘Women Card'” if they “become emotional or angry at any point during their interviews or media trial”.

Dad further went on to highlight that while Meesha Shafi has had a gag order placed on her, the “privileged man accused of sexual harassment” goes on live television to talk about what he is supposedly going through.

“If anyone has earned the right to cry today, it’s thousands of survivors around us who were forced to watch a privileged man accused of sexual harassment and whine because he has access to media while victim has gag orders against her.”

The lawyer also underscored how those who are accused of sexual harassment or assault “make it seem like it’s the accused who are hurt the most”.

“From today’s episode of male tears to R. Kelly’s to Brett Kavanugh’s you will find a stark similarity. Also more TV shows are planned and coming your way in coming days while survivor can’t utter a word in her defence.”


On Saturday, Shafi’s lawyer Dad explained that singer Meesha Shafi “has not been called by the court as of yet” but “will go once court will direct her to” appear.

Dad was speaking on Geo News programme Naya Pakistan in response to singer Ali Zafar’s comments outside a sessions court in Lahore when he had claimed he was being targeted through an organised plan for personal gains.

Dad, who is part of the legal team representing Shafi in the defamation case filed by Zafar in response to allegations of sexual harassment made by Shafi, had refuted the assertions he made and said the propaganda was, in fact, against the survivor.

The campaign, she had added, was under the hashtag “#FaceTheCourtMeeshaShafi”.

When show host Shahzad Iqbal had asked the lawyer about why she follows what he claimed were suspicious accounts, Dad had said: “I follow any account that supports Meesha Shafi and her cause. I retweet tweets posted in favour of Meesha Shafi and her cause.”

However, “if Ali Zafar believes that an account is fake, he can go ahead and lodge a complaint,” she had added.

In a tweet on Saturday, she had also explained that the “other party to the case uses mainstream media and online spaces to spread misleading narrative around the case and viciously calls [Shafi] liar” whereas it was ironical that the survivor “has a gag order against her under defamation suit” and, thus, “can’t talk on mainstream media & social media about the case”.

Dad had also questioned on Twitter whether “all other accounts came forward with harassment allegations [were] fake too”.

“Meesha has not been called by the court as of yet, she will go once court will direct her too. Why lawyers are there? To represent her client,” she added.


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