Maulana’s ‘hidden plan’


Maulana Fazlur Rehman has not shared his hidden plan’ but that which he’s shown Monday was unprecedented and also a message to the authorities and also for other quarters. It has caused some issues over the Opposition parties too, that were undecided about their involvement in the Azadi March.

What’s Maulana around? We’ve seldom seen flag march’ of activists, however, Maulana did choose’guard of honour’ from his activists at Peshawar, which clearly revealed that he’s coming to Islamabad on Oct 31st from the title Azadi March’ using a goal despite the outcome. Knowing the danger involved he’s announced that his now or never’ march to Islamabad critical.

What he’s misread is his rival ie Prime Minister Imran Khan wouldn’t be a failure in case if his administration is ousted. To the contrary, he could be dangerous and his administration’s failures in the previous 13 months will be washed out and when Maulana fails it’ll be next key success for its PTI after safeguarding vote of no-confidence contrary to Senate chairman despite Opposition’s bulk.

So what’s Maulana’s politics and he seemed in a rush once the government is 13 weeks old. He ignored Opposition’s request to postpone until the week of November. What he wishes to reach between Oct 31st and Nov 30. He’s triumphed towards Part-2 and Part-3 of their’plan’ but has disclosed regarding it, which close JUI-F sources disclosed would develop along with other party leaders’ arrest. “You will see some glimpses of 1977 through’masjid and madrassas’ if things go from control and we’re prepared for all this,” a senior leader of the party disclosed on condition of anonymity.

Sources quoted Maulana saying to his core staff’ that time has come to challenge the prime minister on the street and through the show of strength want to give a message to those who intend to shrink the JUI-F politics. For the first time in KP history, pure religious parties’ alliance dominated the state from 2002. Some consider that a part of this institution endorsed the MMA at the background of this US-led assault on Afghanistan.

The MMA dropped into forces that were more liberal in 2008 elections the ANP-PPP alliance for 2 reasons; branch within the MMA followed by JI boycott of the polls, along with the MMA didn’t deliver period. However, the PPP-ANP alliance gave the distance to Maulana along with the JUI-F and didn’t produce difficulties. Both parties obtained their initial setback in 2013 elections the ruling parties in KP headed by ANP confronted defeat.

The JI joined hands with all the PTI however, the alliance couldn’t last and the PTI contested 2018 election by itself and conquered the JUI-F and JI in addition to the ANP and PPP. The PTI then established history and for the very first time, any party retained its standing, which revealed the remarkable turnaround KP politics. The authorities, on the other hand, seemed nervous and ministers” overreaction’ has not only made the main purpose of the match related’ but has already generated a lot of heat.

Maulana believes that certain forces with”Western schedule” wanted to replace religious parties or leaders with some more acceptable faces and right to centrist politicians in KP, in the changing political environment in and around Pakistan. Through a show of strength, he wants to prove his’significance’ and refused to call off his march.

Maulana has also not shared his hidden strategy’ of Part-2 and Part-3, in case of his and other leaders arrest but I have learnt from close JUI-F sources that in case the government decided to use force, the agitation will start from different parts of the country through use of’masjid and madrassa’ on the pattern of 1977 PNA movement, when protesters use to take out rallies from mosques after prayers and courted arrest.

Fazl’s flight is no more solo as former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has fully endorsed his’strategy’ and asked party leaders to join the Azadi March. PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari would announce party decision during a public meeting on October 18, on the eve of the attack anniversary on the procession of Benazir Bhutto in 2007. The rise and fall of Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal, when after winning 2002 to 2008 elections has not only weakened the religious parties in KP but also led to the division within the MMA due to differences between the JUI-F and the JI.So it is not only a battle for survival for Maulana but the battle for the revival of the JUI-F, once a strong and potent force in KP in particular, replaced by Imran Khan and his PTI, with the right to centrist approach.

Maulana strongly feels that certain forces within the establishment now considered him and religious parties’immaterial’ and were behind his defeat in the last election. He now wants to prove his presence and relevance in the changing political environment, from Afghanistan to the merger of Fata with KP.

Maulana knows that more than his politics is at stake and Imran Khan also was well aware of the situation that if someone is on a’ssuicidal mission’ as feared by his Interior Minister Ijaz Shah, he could go to any extent through his concealed strategy’ even in this danger of eliminating this machine.


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