Matt Czuchry opens up about the big secret of Gilmore Girls

Matt Czuchry opens up about the big secret of Gilmore Girls

Hollywood actor Matt Czuchry came forth to tease all Gilmore Girls fans about a major secret.

However, the actor appears to have his lips sealed as he refused to give away the answer to one of the most-discussed questions since the classic show’s revival ended on a cliffhanger: Who is the father of Rory Gilmore’s baby?

During a chat with Us Weekly, Czuchry, who plays the rich boyfriend Logan Huntzberger in the series, claims to know all about the father of Rory’s child but refrained from spilling the tea.

“They told me who the father of the baby was, and they said, ‘Yeah, you can tell whoever you want.’ And I never have,” he shared.

“That’s for them to say,” he said.

“Ultimately this is Amy and Dan’s show and it’s Lauren [Graham’s] show and it’s Alexis’ show. It’s not mine. And so, for me, it doesn’t feel like the right place to say who it may or may not be,” he added.

Explaining why he wants the cat to stay in the bag, The Resident actor claimed that it might ruin future possibility of the show’s return.

“If we do come back, they may change their minds. So it could become somebody else. Those are the reasons why I’ve never said what they told me on set,” he said.

Creator of the show, Amy Sherman-Palladino had also earlier spoken about the identity of the baby daddy. “I think a lot of clues are out there. I know with the time passage it wasn’t 100 percent clear, but we also didn’t have her engage with who she thought was the father,” she told E! News.

“I thought I had told Lauren the last four words 10 years ago and she informed me that I didn’t, so I don’t know what I’ve told anybody and what I’ve said to anybody. We just sort of felt like we wanted to leave it in that way because it was really less about who the father was and more about Rory repeating her mother’s history,” she added. 


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