Man shoots mother dead after argument over orange juice

Man shoots mother

Man shoots mother dead following arguments about petty issues in Florida.

The incident occurred on Sunday when the man, identified as 29-year-old Luis Pages, hysterically called police telling them that he shot and killed his mother, named Miriam Gonzalez, 59, at their home.

He reportedly told a police officer who arrived at the crime site, “I killed her. Take me to jail.”

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Pages later told investigators that he and Gonzalez argued about him using the car to look for a job and a jar of orange juice left in the fridge. Pages said his mother then brandished a pink knife and threatened him with it.

He reportedly asked Gonzalez for the air conditioner remote control, but she did not want to give it to him. It was then he pulled out a handgun and shot her multiple times, he said.

Pages told the police that he attempted to shoot himself but he ran out of bullets and called 911 instead. He claimed he “lost it” and did not know how many times he shot his mother.

Man shoots mother was charged with second-degree murder and remains jailed without bond.


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