Malaika Arora gets angry on trollers for age gap between Arjun Kapoor & her


‘Age is just a number’ or ‘you are only as old as you think you are’ – we have grown up quotes like this, occasionally even used it. The millennial or the Y2K generation is a lot of accommodating and accepting then our previous one. For India’s youth today, a couple who got separated or a woman making more than a man or a woman earning the bread for the family while the man is a stay home dad is just as regular as the sun coming up every morning. We have indeed moved past the patriarchal way of life right? WRONG!

Yes this is a rant about equality, but a very specific part. Ever since Malaika Arora, who divorced her husband and producer Arbaaz Khan, was rumoured to be dating actor Arjun Kapoor, social media users lost their minds. It has been more than a year now with photos of them at a movie screening, on a dinner date, on holiday together and even at b-town parties have made its way on the web, but ever since photo of them or of her alone, has one thing in common – they get trolled.

The comment section of their photos, irrespective of whether it is them posting it or the paparazzi, the comment section is full of mean and hurtful comments attacking them about their age difference. Yes, Malaika is 45 while Arjun is 33. So, there is an age gap of 12 years. But then many of us have parents who have the same age gap, so, why is it trollworthy? Because we are used to an age gap where the man is older than the woman.

Take for instance, Malaika Arora’s ex-husband Arbaaz Khan. The Dabangg 3 producer is 51 years old and soon after Malaika and he separated, rumours of him dating Italian model Georgia Andriani surfaced on the web. Guess how old his girlfriend is? Georgia Andriani will turn 30 this year. So, there is an age gap of about 21 years between them, but no one seems to have a problem and comment section only laud ‘Arbaaz bhai’ for bagging a caucasian girl in his life.

Similarly, almost every Salman Khan fan will answer Katrina Kaif if you ask them who should ‘bhai’ get married to. Want to know the age gap between Salman and Katrina? The Bollywood superstar is 18 years older to Katrina, yet the comment section of their Instagram post is full of fans wishing that they tie the knot.

And Malaika Arora isn’t the first in recent times to be a victim of such blatant hypocrisy. Last year, when news dropped that Priyanka Chopra was going to get married to Nick Jonas, PeeCee too was brutally trolled on  social media platforms for marrying someone 10 years younger to her. For some reason, fans can’t fathom the fact that an older woman can just be in love with a younger man, while the other way around is perfectly acceptable.

I recall a line from Amitabh Bachchan and Tabu’s Cheeni Kum. While the premise wasn’t similar but one can still relate to it. Big B’s character asserted that we have been conditioned and brought up in such a way that to think a 60 or 70 years old man can fall in love and start a new life with his beloved instead of pursuing ‘bhajan kirtan’, is unfathomable.

While it may not translate directly in Malaika and Arjun’s case, but it does in hindsight. After all, how many 45-year-old women do you know who look as good as Malla, as fit as her and needlessly to say, as happy as her. Same goes for PeeCee, the actress has never looked happier in a relationship than she has been with Nick Jonas and continues to couple goals for the rest of us.

We, as a society really need to get over our hypocrisy and double standards. We see it in movies and drop a tear or two, but we need to learn from them as well. Love is pure and beautiful, irrespective of the age gap. Be happy for people in love instead to scrutinising it. It doesn’t matter if the woman is older, what matters is that they are happy. And if you can’t celebrate their love, then leave them be. For more latest news Pakistan, visit



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