Mahira Khan’s Dance Video at Friend’s Mehndi Goes Viral


Mahira Khan’s dancing movie in a mehndi goes viral along with the lovers adore that. Mahira Khan is doing the rounds online of late following a movie of this entertainer scoring into an exemplary song by Madam Noor Jehan in a partners’ mehndi became famous online.

Mahira Khan’s dance video at a mehndi goes viral and the fans love that. The movie had been shared on Instagram by HSY who said, “Me and Mahira, Kami and Feeha separate it on the move floor at Musti and Nisha’s Mehndi today around evening time with a great Madam Noor Jehan hit. Love you all.”Mahira Khan swallowed the movement floor and went into a companion role.

A movie of Mahira, moving to Bollywood strikes like Sweety Tera Drama and Koi Dekh Raha, is popular and breaking up the Internet. Mahira Khan’s dancing movie in a mehndi goes the fans along with viral like this. Mahira’s movement video was shared with fan clubs of this personality on Instagram.

Hi Pakistan has also shared with the movie and subtitled it “Mahira Khan shaking the move floor at a companion’s Mehendi the previous evening.” Mahira Khan’s dancing movie in a mehndi goes also the fans and also viral love this.


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