Mahira Khan Meets Cancer Patient At Hospital, Fulfils Her Wish


Pakistani actress Mahira Khan is known for her kind gestures. Recently, she went to Indus Hospital in Karachi to meet a cancer patient who had wished to meet her. The patient, named Nida, was super happy to meet the actress.

The Indus Hospital in its tweet wrote, “Mahira Khan came to the Indus Hospital to visit Nida, a cancer patient whose wish was to meet the actress.”

The hospital thanked Mahira for making Nida’s wish come true and for her kind words.

Speaking about Nida, Mahira said she is a strong and asked her followers to pray for her health and happiness.

“Nida is a strong strong girl. She said she only gets weak when she sees her mother cry for her… Anyone reading this pray for Nida and her family. May all her wishes come true.. May she be blessed with health and happiness Ameen,” she wrote. For more latest news Pakistan, visit


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