Kim Kardashian says she was in tears after getting ridiculed over Met Gala dress


Hollywood fashionista Kim Kardashian is known for her bold fashion statements that often make her subject to trolls.

The model has now come forth revealing that there was a time when the heavy criticism actually got to her and reduced her to tears.

Speaking to Vogue about 21 of her most talked-about looks, the icon spilled the beans about her 2013 Met Gala dress during her pregnancy that actually left her feeling uncomfortable and made her cry, with the response it received from the public.

In the video for Vogue, Kim states: “I was very pregnant. I was very puffy and bloated and I was like ‘of course the first time I go I’m going to be huge,’” she said adding that “I never really dreamed I’d be at the Met Ball. I know no one really probably wanted me there on the time.”

“So Ricardo was dressing me cause he was dressing Kanye, so we chose a really stretchy fabric because I would be growing and we wanted to make sure alterations were easy and it was comfortable. We had a black version of this and a floral version of this,” she added.

“Ricardo was like ‘no, come on. We have to do the floral. I was so insecure and I couldn’t really speak up at that point cause I was just so shy and just wanted to make everyone happy and he said Anna really wanted the floral,” she went on.

Admitting that the response to the dress made her break down, Kim said: “And then I was crying like the whole way home because I just couldn’t believe it. There were all these memes about me and this couch and I think Robin Williams even tweeted it and said I looked like Mrs. Doubtfire and it was this whole thing so I just like cried.”

However, looking back, she finds the look much more appealing: “And now I love it! Now it’s like sick! I look back on it and wow, they had the vision. I just remember the Olsen twins came up to me and loved my outfit and my gloves and so none of the critics’ matter cause the Olsen twins approved.” 


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