Khalil ur Rehman Qamar Beat Shamoon Abbasi


Two movies that spanned on the day of the launch — October 25, 2019 — were both Durj and Kaaf Kangana. Both of these have shown to be major disappointments at the box office. Given that Durj particularly focuses on a somewhat contentious subject, it was able to make its own way to theatre displays with little cuts.

The Shamoon Abbasi movie received a clearance certificate in the Central Board for Film Certification (CBFC) after its global launch. As soon as it has obtained considerable flak for its own raw and gritty narrative, the Khalilur Rehman Qamar’s cross border love story, Kaaf Kangana, was greatly criticised because of the gloomy plot. At precisely the exact same light, they have failed to entice cinemagoers. The Cinema Management Association Chairperson, Saeed Qaiser Sanaullah.”The response of Kaaf Kangana and Durj disappointed cinema owners and all of them across the country are now concerned.”

As a matter of fact, Kaaf Kangana performed better than Durj, raking in about Rs2 million at the box office. The suspense thriller created a company of about Rs1.5 million, as reported by a member of this Distribution Club. Stakeholders are worried about the quality of jobs being produced in addition to the amount of production because the ban on Bollywood movies in the nation. A Film Distributors Association (FDA) official also voiced his worries. The situation is alarming since it might prevent the production of new films,” asked the manhood, requesting anonymity.

Quoting the reason for the collapse Durj and Kaaf Kangana, the officer stated,”It’s simple, they failed because people have seen better films. FDA Chairperson Ejaz Kamran added his view concerning the movies’ failure too. “The absence of publicity and advertisements were the significant explanations. But, theatre homes are full from the states where political and financial scenarios are great, while our nation is now undergoing the terrible financial inflation, therefore not everybody is able to afford amusement,” he mentioned. “My movie Kaaf Kangana didn’t do well and I have nothing to mention nor do I have anyone to blame,” he reasoned.


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