Who Is Responsible For Karachi Condition

Do you run your business in Karachi? Are you aware of the Karachi latest news

Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan. waste posing a health threat and is killing fish. the unregulated and intermittent structure has added into the mess without making any attempt to drain congestion and to solve the issue of trash collection and stakeholders attribute one another.

Nearly 15 000 tons of garbage is dumped in Karachi and there’s not been any attempt for few decades.what has made things worse is that just 40 per cent of revenue collected from taxpayers in the shape of property taxation and other services is gathered by the Sindh government or the local authorities and the remainder is collected by different cantonment boards i.e. DHA etc.. even the federal government the provincial government the city government had no difficulty when was permitted to be occupied by land mafias that are strong.

All that’s required is just two to three million acres of land appropriate instead of dumping it in order to be allocated. the selection of a landfill is the area surrounded by mountains. under that pipes crisscross the soil carrying the methane made by means of 22 the garbage is layered. trash dumps exist all around the earth although not in Pakistan.

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