Justice For Salahudin Is Trending On Twitter In Pakistan


(Lahore News): After the death of ATM burglar Salahuddin Ayubi from the police’s custody, the state came out combined to underline the police brutalities by re-enacting the gestures of Salahuddin by adhering tongue at the ATM booth.#IamSalahuddin was trending in Pakistan to demonstrate support to the man who opened the ATM machine, carried the card out and made faces in the cameras.

Re-enacting the movie all supports Folks. A couple of days before, in a movie that went viral social networking, the guy can be observed concealing out of an ATM after breaking open a device in Faisalabad and sticking out his tongue in jest in the camera at the corner of the booth along with also the one installed from the machine.

On Aug 30, the guy once entered an ATM booth — now in Rahim Yar Khan — also was in the process of dividing up the machine’s outside when he was captured red-handed by clients. Ayubi’s mischievous activities throughout a robbery had shot him on networking to fame.

On September 2, a case was filed against police officers following a taxpayer engaged in ATM robberies was discovered dead through police investigations. According to details, SHO, SI, ASI along with police officers are called in the circumstance. The household of ATM burglar Salahuddin has proceeded together with all the body that was lifeless towards their village.

The attorney of Salahuddin, Usama Khawar said that his client was murdered as a result of the brutality of police officers. He said authorities performed an autopsy of Salahuddin with no consent which is a crime. Father of Salahuddin said he’ll go to some extent when Justice didn’t prevail in this circumstance.

Ayubi’s dad, Afzal told the press his son’s autopsy report has not been issued from the hospital’s administration up to now. He pleaded with police for justice. In accordance with policemen, Ayubi expired as his health and had some health difficulties. They had informed the press that he was performing some’foolish things’ under police custody. Police told the press that the true cause(s) of his passing could be discovered after his autopsy report.


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