Junoon launches a new song after 15 years and it’s all about cricket


Junoon knows that if there’s one thing that unites Pakistan, it’s the love of cricket.

The band is back with a new song ‘Choolay Aasman’ after 15 years.

The song shows people from all walks of life celebrating their love for cricket and, in a way, being closer to each other than ever. The video shows folks from different minorities, and how their love is the same. Throughout the video a young man covers up hateful graffiti and makes it into something beautiful.

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The music video for ‘Choolay Aasman’ has a lot of heart and definitely the junoon we expect from a band with same name. However, we did want more from the song, considering it’s coming after a 15 year hiatus. Oh well, perhaps this is the start and the best is yet to come! For more latest news Pakistan, visit 9newshd.tv


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