Juma prayers’ suspension permitted in Pakistan, Egypt’s Al-Azhar issues fatwa


Islamabad: At the request of President Arif Alvi, Egypt’s Al-Azhar has issued a fatwa allowing Friday’s prayers to be suspended to control the spread of the deadly coronavirus in Pakistan. “I thank Al-Azhar and the Supreme Council’s Imam Sheik for responding to my personal request to offer guidance during the Coronavirus attack on Fazjamat and Jumma in the mosque,” the president said in a tweet on Wednesday. President Alvi, through Egypt’s ambassador to Pakistan, sought guidance from the Al-Azhar agency, the Islamic ban authority, to express a suspension of collective prayer at mosques during the spike in coronavirus cases.

In addition, families at home can arrange collective prayers. The decree says Muslims have an obligation to comply with the country’s health directives in the event of a crisis and to avoid following rumors and unofficial information. According to reliable medical reports, coronavirus is very easy and fast to spread. In this context, Fatwa said, saving human lives and protecting them from all risks and threats is in keeping with the great Islamic concept.

“Given the risks to the lives of the people, officials in Muslim countries have the full authority to cancel Friday prayers and other prayers. It said: “In addition, older people should stay at home and comply with the prescribed medical guidelines, because all the evidence clearly shows that public gatherings, including prayers, constitute an environment conducive to the virus.” Quoting Abu Dawood, the Fatwa said of Ibn Abbas, he said the Prophet (may he rest) said that fear of illness was an excuse for the missing Juma payer. Moreover, the Prophet (PBUH) banned pilgrims from visiting mosques to protect other believers from harassment, Abdel Rahman ibn Al-Offe said.


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