It’s neither sit-in nor lockdown, says Fazl


(Islamabad News): The JUI-F chief, Fazlur Rehman, has demanded that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s’selected’ government has to resign, paving the way for elections. Fresh polls should be announced by dissolving the assembly,” explained Fazl while speaking to foreign journalists on Tuesday.

“We are launching a peaceful movement that will continue till the ouster of this government,” he explained. The JUI-F-sponsored Azadi March is scheduled to start on October 27 from cities around Pakistan and input Islamabad on October 31. “We are sure of entering Islamabad with at least one million protesters,” explained Fazl. Fazl said when they handled to reach Islamabad, their actions program could differ and when they had been prevented from doing this, they’d have a different way and in that event, the march will take the kind of fill the jails’ motion.

The JUI-F leader said the move against the authorities of his party will be in the limits. “We are neither staging any sit-in to oust the government nor going to lock down the cities,” he explained, adding: “We will keep changing our strategy to achieve our goal.” He requested the institutions to continue being non-partisan adding no nation institution should lend its aid of the country. Fazl promised to have won the support of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) to oust the PTI government.

He said inflation has broken all records in 1 year and the market had nosedived. “Modern states keep their sovereignty intact through peace and strong economy, but the PTI government has put all of this at stake,” he explained. “Unemployment has increased manifold in the last one year due to poor economic policies, causing significant disappointment among people,” he said while speaking to the IMF’s recent reports on Pakistan.

The JUI-F includes a network of seminaries throughout the nation that is regarded as the important support foundation of the party. The government was accusing the JUI-F direction of intending to utilize young seminary students as”fodder” for its forthcoming protest. “We have issued no instructions to madrassa students to participate in Azadi march,” Fazl explained while calling it”mere propaganda” of their authorities.


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