PK-8303 crash: Investigation report ready for aviation division

Firefighters spray water on the wreckage of a Pakistan International Airlines aircraft after it crashed at a residential area in Karachi on May 22, 2020. - A Pakistani passenger plane with nearly 100 people on board crashed into a residential area of the southern city of Karachi on May 22. (Photo by Rizwan TABASSUM / AFP)

Investigators have prepared the report in the PIA PK-8303 plane crash and will hand it over to the aviation division today (Monday).

The report includes the pilot’s conversation with the air traffic controller, flight data records, CCTV footage of the landing and the cockpit voice recorder data, among other things.

The ill-fated PK-8303 crashed in Karachi’s Model Colony on May 22, killing 97 people aboard. Only two people survived.

A team from airbus arrived in Pakistan and took the voice recorder and flight data box back to France. It decoded them and handed them over to Pakistani investigators.


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