Ahead of EU meeting, India says it plans on reducing troops in occupied Kashmir


Ahead of a European parliament meeting to talk about the curfew at Indian-occupied Kashmir on Monday Indian external affairs minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar on Friday reported that the Indian government has been intending to decrease the number of troops.

In a meeting with the European variant of American news outlet politico Jaishankar seemed uncomfortable with all the questions posed to the problem in IOK also disclosed new Delhi proposed on releasing the constraints enforced in IOK progressively.

jaishankar also insisted he needed police to be shipped back to their duties. frankly they have other jobs and other things to do he said side-stepping the query as to the reason they were submitted in the valley at these enormous amounts in the first location.

Earlier in August, the administration of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi had resisted the liberty of IOK and enforced a curfew from the valley into global condemnation.

Thousands and thousands of soldiers had been deployed from the IOK along with also a communications blackout. thousands of kashmiri leadersactivists spouses and other citizens were detained. reports indicate these detainees have been tortured.

But jaishankar ignored commenting about the human rights situation instead asserting that the communications lock-down had been to prevent militants also attempted to depict the situation from the valley because unique from disputes.

The European Parliament is scheduled to discuss the position in IOK on Monday afternoon in a meeting of the foreign affairs committee. prime minister of azad jammu and kashmir raja farooq haider khan will represent pakistan about the event.


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